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Growing up in Central Idaho I was introduced to hunting, fishing and the outdoors at a very young age. The weekends couldnít come fast enough for me to get back into the woods hunting with my dad or fishing with my great grandpa.

Although I skinned hundreds of squirrels and chipmunks and mounted a badger for a project in the 6th grade, taxidermy as a career wouldnít happen for quite some time.

After school and a 15+ year career in the automotive industry, I finally decided that I was ready for something different. With my wifeís blessing I enrolled myself into the Missoula Valley School of Taxidermy. There, I learned from nationally known master taxidermist and sculptor Steve Fundum.

After finishing taxidermy school I came back to the Yakima Valley and opened All Thatís Wild Taxidermy in the spring of 2000. Being a part time taxidermist only lasted 8 months before going full time and quickly outgrowing the small two car garage that I was working out of.

Suffering from a serious case of growing pains we bought two acres at our present location and built a new home and taxidermy studio.

Now living outside of Tieton, WA and within site of the largest elk and sheep herds in the state, I have an endless supply of living, breathing references at my disposal.

My wife Julie has helped to make All Thatís Wild Taxidermy a success by her continued support and understanding of the long days, nights and holidays spent in the studio.

Having a young son that is a fanatic about everything outdoors has been a true blessing and I look forward to teaching Garric everything I have learned about hunting, fishing and taxidermy.

I take pride in my work and strive for perfection in every mount as I only use the best products available in the taxidermy industry.

I look forward to talking to you about your next hunt and appreciate you considering All Thatís Wild Taxidermy for your next mount.




Ric Shirrod


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